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Mr. Li: promote toward the high-end of the industrial structure


Premier li keqiang said of "coordination to promote steady economic growth and structural optimization", to promote the industrial structure in the high-end.

He pointed out that manufacturing is our advantage industries. To implement the "made in China 2025", insist on innovation drive, intelligent transformation, strengthening the basic and green development, accelerate the from manufacturer to make power. Fiscal interest discount, and accelerated depreciation measures, and promote the traditional industry technical transformation. Keep and adhere to the pressure, solve the excess capacity, support enterprise merger and reorganization, in market competition evolution. Promote the depth of fusion of industrialization and information, the development and utilization of network, digital, intelligent technology, focusing on a head, a breakthrough in some key areas.

New industries and new heights is competition. To implement high-end equipment, information network, integrated circuit, new energy, new materials, biological medicine, aviation engine, gas turbine and other major projects, to training a batch of new industry as leading industry. "Internet +" action plan, and promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things, and to promote e-commerce, industrial development of the Internet and Internet financial health, guide the Internet companies to expand the international market. Countries have set up 40 billion yuan new industry venture capital fund, to integrate to raise more funds, cheer for industrial innovation.

Service sector employment capacity big, wide development prospects. To deepen the service industry's reform and opening up, the implementation of fiscal and taxation, land, price support policy and paid vacation system, vigorously develop tourism, health, pension, life and production such as creative design services. We must deepen the reform of the distribution system, strengthen the large agricultural products wholesale, storage and cold chain logistics infrastructure construction, efforts to significantly reduce the circulation cost.

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