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Magnesium the building materials application type held in Macao


On March 26, building material industry chamber of commerce and the China magnesium association of macau held the "application magnesium materials meeting was held in Macao. The central people's government liaison office in macau Li Zhong armoured face l cordenillo, Macao chamber of commerce building materials enterprises welcome address. Lv Zequn President said in the keynote speech, association of Chinese magnesium industry compared with Macao chamber of commerce building materials enterprises to establish a close cooperation, is an innovation of association work, can play to the association and their respective advantages of the Macao chamber of commerce, conducive to further broaden the sales channels, magnesium enterprises make good magnesite products abroad, make "made in China" brand, promote the healthy development of magnesium industry. He Yifeng to during the meeting, deputy secretary-general of building materials application enterprises from home and abroad, the author introduces the characteristics of magnesium products and application situation, has obtained the good effect.

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