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General administration of quality supervision, inspection and other nine departments promote the rectification of building materials market

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On March 11, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and national development and reform commission, ministry of public security, environmental protection, housing, urban and rural construction ministry, the ministry of commerce and state administration for industry and commerce, forestry, energy administration inter-ministerial coordination meeting, study in promoting national economy under the new normal building materials market rectification work.

Meeting requirements, 9 department will continue to promote dissolve the steel, cement, flat glass industry serious excess capacity; Implementation differences between electricity and punitive tariff policy; Of pollutants exceed the limit production, production and other measures of building materials enterprise; Supervise enterprise backward equipment, process and technology. Relevant departments will also crack down on illegal production "DeTiaoGang" and use "DeTiaoGang rolled steel used in illegal and criminal behavior," for illegal enterprises and dens, rationing. Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine will blow DeTiaoGang listed in the "quality inspection sword action" for deployment.

Meeting decided to strengthen the adornment to decorate material, coating, cable, faucet products related to people's livelihood, such as law enforcement inspection. Is investigated, unlicensed unlicensed production, is not in conformity with the national compulsory standards, to produce or use fake decoration materials in the engineering of illegal and criminal behavior, and organize the supervision over the quality of construction projects.

It is reported that nine departments will jointly makes a concentrated area for building materials production, determine the key area of a batch of national regulation, urging local to carry out the regulation; Joint industry association, for investigations of a batch of illegal building materials production enterprises and dens, organizations concentrate on investigating; Supervise the building materials market owners to carry out the market management responsibility, push related industry associations, Chambers of commerce and trade circulation enterprises around the quality of the products to carry out "the good faith management" create demonstration activities, keep to produce fake and inferior building materials high pressure situation of illegal and criminal activities.

According to introducing, 9 department will resolutely fight "thin body bar", inferior wall materials, wire and cable shoddy, man-made board poisonous and harmful material exceeds bid and other illegal and criminal behavior. And will have to carry out the "regional regulation" products, such as sanitary ware of henan greiner, hebei bo wild coating waterproofing materials, anhui, liaoning taizi river inaction, hebei NingJin of wire and cable, etc. "look back" examination.

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