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New three board market value of more than 50 million accounted for 47% of TMT, finance, medicine, the top three

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A Chinese version of the nasdaq said the new three board has become a new "discourse", as the market capacity to expand and improve liquidity, investors of all stripes have flocked to three board market index continued strong performance.

On March 27, three board market index closed out of ten for Yang! At 1895.88 points, or 1.14%. TMT, manufacturing, financial chasing hot spots for recent market. On the same day, hosted by the guosen securities (002736), in collaboration with the "daily economic news", buttonwood network of guosen securities. 3) to be held in Shanghai golden sun roadshow commune.

At the scene of the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, to come to the roadshow has one hundred large energy and backwater, howell, AnChang network of science and technology, universal navigation and constant of electron from environmental protection, cloud services, such as agricultural information industry has been listed and listed companies. Brokers, PE, vc institutions such as a total of hundreds of participant, and dialogue on capital and the enterprise. Roadshow last until 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, after a lot of investors are still staying in the meeting with the enterprise further communication.

Information technology, financial, medical value of the first three

"You can see, the new three board with more than expected in developing speed, the establishment of the market maker system played a positive role in the problem of insufficient liquidity in the market. In the first two months of this year, six stocks up more than 10 times, up more than twice as has as many as 160." Guosen securities LuXianDe otc marketing general manager in the meeting, said the roadshow commune will be a platform for a long time, become the important carrier of enterprise docking investors.

The new three board market structure, occupy the bulk hot industry. As of March 27, the new three board listed companies a total of 2140, the top three in the industry as the foundation of information technology, mechanical equipment, chemical, respectively 493, 407, 407. By market value, information technology, finance, medicine, biological the top three, total market capitalization of 93.786 billion yuan, 77.706 billion yuan and 77.706 billion yuan respectively.

The roadshow AnChang network is a from cloud computing service provider in the field of information technology, the company founded and run "51 idc" has become China's largest IaaS hybrid cloud service platform.

"Global cloud computing is in the early stage of the outbreak, the United States is already gone for many years, but it's just getting started in China." AnChang network CEO Cheng Xiaozhong believes that the future Chinese demographic dividend gradually decline, the enterprise will be faced with IT, and cloud services to improve their management efficiency, reduce operating costs.

"Can you explain why the user is willing to pay for value-added services?" "(the company), with new IDC a-share companies operating aura (300383) what is the difference?" ...... Although not yet trading market, and financing options available, but the investors still AnChang network full of interest.

Public transfer instructions show at the end of October last year, AnChang network in 2012 ~ 2013 operating income of 38.1716 million yuan and 54.8672 million yuan respectively, the high growth momentum. Company said that this is mainly driven by two factors: one is the mobile Internet rapid outbreak and the cloud to the ground; Second, the customer new demand form income growth.

Investors from jiangsu PE agency to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the new three board has a lot of new formats, high-tech companies. In the next few years, TMT, environmental protection, medical and other key industries will emerge a lot of opportunities, industry growth rate will be higher.

Market value of more than 50 million accounted for 47%

"New three board market in 2015 profit from the new three board company own growth, liquidity premium and high quality enterprise board or by merger and acquisition premium valuation." Another new three board participating brokers investment bankers to the "daily economic news" reporter summed.

One hundred big energy guang-hua liu, general manager told participants, "the company has in December 2014, trading market, the future will hold for trading or rotating plate or IPO, to further increase the liquidity." On March 25, the clean biomass energy development and utilization of company announcement said, plan to 12 yuan/shares of not more than 1.7 million shares, raising the total does not exceed 20.4 million yuan, for the expansion of the sales network, the expansion of production capacity and the added liquidity.

Guang-hua liu said, the company not only to be included in the "three board component index" sampled stocks. And, as the state management of coal, fuel emissions has become more and more strict, the company is expected to enter the fast growth of the next four years the average annual growth is expected to be 50%.

At guosen securities qing-qing Chen, an analyst at the environmental protection industry, energy conservation and environmental protection boom has been in the new three board, and form a multi-level capital market echelon, is expected to become important reservoir of main board market. Data show that by the end of March 2015, the new three board a total of 115 listed companies, energy conservation and environmental protection plate for the most part business covers environmental protection areas (such as management of atmosphere, solid waste management, water treatment, the third party testing, etc.; energy saving company covers industrial energy saving, building energy efficiency, life saving, etc.), about 5.60% of all new three board company. The current a-share market, about 77 enterprises, the main environmental protection business accounts for the secondary market 3.04% of the total 2535 companies. "New three board has good environmental protection company earnings, 2013 years ago, 90 listed on the new three board, energy conservation and environmental protection company profit 85, accounted for 94.4%." Qing-qing Chen to the "daily economic news" reporter and stated the participants, of the company, the net profit of more than 10 million has 11, 5 million, with 16, 1 million, 42, a combined accounted for 76.7%. Net income of the top five companies for jindal, xing kiln in bamboo information, fly and shares, aromatic flute environmental protection.

From the point of valuation, the new three board listed in 2013 of the 90 energy conservation and environmental protection companies corresponding PE to an average of 17.35 times in 2013, which eliminate the negative and more than 100 times nine companies. Average PB was 1.75, which strips out 10 times more than 1 company. Qing-qing Chen, according to the data provided by the new three board in the company, the current market value of more than 50 million companies have accounted for 47%, and the number is growing.

With the rapid development of the new three board, many listed companies also hope that through the capital market, to realize the further span "share reform has ended last year, listed on the new three board for this year, and implement financing." Heng kun, general manager of shares from xiamen Yang Huixuan to the "daily economic news" reporter said.

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