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Meeting of the political bureau of the central committee of the first mention of "green"

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Politburo meeting on 24 March, there is a conceptual refreshing: "green", this is the first time in the meeting of the political bureau of the central committee, and a deeper significance lies in the fact that this is the eighteenth big ascension put forward the concept of the "four modernizations" - in the "new industrialization, urbanization, informationization and agricultural modernization", and joined the "greening", and "political task". In other words, this is the "four modernizations" become "five".

First, in the economic field, it is a kind of production mode - "high technology content, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution of the industrial structure and mode of production", has the connotation of "green economy", and want to drive the "green industry", "form the new growth point of economic and social development". At the same time, it is also a way of life -- "life style and consumption patterns to thrift, green low carbon, civilized and healthy direction, strictly avoid extravagance and waste and unreasonable consumption". And it is also a kind of value orientation, "the inclusion of ecological civilization in the socialist core value system, the formation of everyone and everything, always advocating ecological civilization of social behavior". Meeting, "green" has the content of the mode of production and way of life not only, also rose to socialist core values; Reform will not only be as green incision, and put forward the rule of law and system guarantee.

More theoretical innovation significance, in the eighteenth big mentioned one of the "five civilization", "ecological civilization" finally an implementation scheme and path. That is to say, the construction of ecological civilization is a overall goals, and "green" is a specific way; The general road with Chinese characteristics, the political, economic, social and cultural construction, which should be "throughout the ecological civilization".

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