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China's magnesium industry association in 2015 working meeting for the first time And three times in the eighth member meeting was held in nanchang


Chinese magnesium industry association in 2015, the first working meeting and eighth three directors meeting on April 10 to 11, 2015 was held in nanchang city. , honorary President of Chinese magnesium industry association Lv Zequn, Qiu Fa, Canadian association of magnesium cement Mr Peter was present at the meeting, vice President and secretary general Eric, vice President of zhao-jie wang, bright, FuHongWei, liu, qing-hai zhang, and xing-fu zhang, XiaoXueYing association experts, part of the executive members and council members units attended the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by Lv Zequn President, vice President of Eric, respectively.

Eric, vice President of the first major work to the board in recent years is the secretariat for the report. Honorary President of Qiu Fa achievement "the system of magnesium gelling materials and products" training textbook compilation work progress report. The head office is the ideology on the 2015 annual work report respectively.

Meeting to discuss the system of the magnesium gelling material industry development plan outline "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" (draft), the establishment of the enterprise level system, the magnesium industry (discussion paper) and the modifier sulfur oxide magnesium cement materials (draft).

During the conference, the representatives to discuss and analyze the market situation in 2015, the research of magnesium the enterprises under the new normal development new pattern. Canadian association of magnesium cement Mr Peter introduces the magnesite products in North America and Canada the use, promotion of the market and domestic products to enter the north American market required for test and certification institutions. The representatives respectively on issues of interest and Mr Peter.

Sinoma construction enterprise alliance of science and technology introduces the experience of the league was founded during the meeting, delegates discussed a system of magnesium gelling material products industry chain alliance.

Meeting the research determined the magnesium industry in China PMI data collection work.

During the conference, held in material enterprise alliance raw materials procurement project bidding conference on science and technology, union work department minister Deng Shilin, general manager du construction of purchasing project illustrates respectively.

According to the ministry of civil affairs and the association of the relevant provisions of the articles of association, the meeting, in the form of a vote agree co-opted He Yifeng comrade to eight, vice President of the council, agreed to co-opted du construction of standing director, deputy secretary general, agree with comrade re-election QiShiLong for standing director, deputy secretary general.

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